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Whenever artists feel they can no longer refer to the physical reality as a means of expression, s/he “invert” a “piece” of this reality in their artworks to achieve the desirable effect. When lemon is depicted in blue,as seen in the "Inversion”, it is so because lemon is naturally sour and is synesthetically associated with colder, less comfortable, color (blue). Likewise, the sky in “Heat”is bright yellow because the heat in the depicted landscape forces the artist to resort to a warmer color –yellow – as opposed to the natural, though less suitable for heat, blue. Thus, technically Inversionism is taking the potential of any characteristic of an image to its limits to the point when it is flipped upside down beyond the event horizon of things. Which characteristics are implied? It could be anything: color, composition, or its element, its form, and even content. As illustrated in the series "Night Flowers," the colors used to depict flowers are inverted according to the color wheel; however, such an inversion is not random, but serves a certain function:to depict flowers at night without referring to the colors of the actual reality. Thus, Inversionism is, to some extent, an escape from reality and manifestation of an imaginary realm which is simultaneously inherent of the actual reality and infinitely distant from it, being its "counter-essence." All this considered, what is the point of Inversionism? In what ways does it come to dialogue with our new-modernity, the era innately meant to put an end to any cultural movements? Inversionism is a way to cope with the monotonous totality of both abstract art and realism and its forms. It is thus a radical escape from these modes of art; it is radical because it strives to retain the "realistic" framework of an image while turning upside down one of its characteristic, a twist towards abstraction.

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INVERSION - Oil on canvas (12"x12") STILL LIFE - Oil on canvas (24"x24") OPTIMIST - Acrylic on canvas (24"x24")
City Lights - Oil on canvas (12"x12") DIFFERNET DIMENTION - Oil on canvas (24"x24") THE DREAM DANCE - Acrylic on canvas (24"x24")
THE HEAT - Oil on canvas (10"x8") HOT EVENING - Oil on canvas (10"x8") SUMMER - Oil on canvas (8"x10")
ORANGES - Acrylic on canvas (12"x12") RAIN - Oil on board (14"x11") REFLECTION - Oil on canvas (20"x20")
NIGHT FLOWERS - Oil on canvas (16"x16") CHRYSANTHEMUM  - Oil on canvas (16"x20") SUNRISE - Oil on canvas (16"x20")